MachacaCorp. | About
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About MachacaCorp.

My name is Otto Lerma. I am an independent designer, typographer & graphic artist, for now based in Monterrey, Mx.

I’ve been active in design industry for over a decade, focusing on corporate identity, advertising, web design and lately experimenting with digital and traditional illustration.
I enjoy a wide range of creative practices and like experimenting with all of them, specialising in graphic design, illustration and typography.

As designer I make sure I understand the needs and wishes of my clients. I enjoy designing details and make things look good, being critical and focused, always balancing form and function.

As graphic artist I like realistic details in surreal situations, always trying to say something beyond the image. Each work is an utopia or dystopian trip, mixing various styles and techniques wanting to show the mechanics of the world we live in, using such everyday topics as love, hate, life and death.

Let’s work together!